Case Study - Wilson Compressor Station
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Case Study - Compressor Station

Wilson Compressor Station

Wilson Compressor Station

This greenfield compressor station is one of the four projects completed as part of the Coastal Bend Header Project which supports 66 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline located in Brazoria and Wharton Counties. This facility is part of the delivery system of natural gas to the Freeport LNG Development terminal.

Onsite are two Solar Taurus 70 and three Solar Titan 130 gas turbine-driven centrifugal gas compressor units. USSI designed and supplied the compressor buildings as well as the project’s auxiliary and office buildings.

FERC limits noise from a compressor station to 55 dBA Ldn at any noise-sensitive area (NSA). In this case two residences were as close as 2200 feet from the facility. The design reduced the noise level from approximately 110 dBA at the source to less than the FERC requirement at the neighbor’s homes.

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