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sound science
Industrial Building Noise and Acoustic Control

During the past thirty plus years, United Steel Structures has encountered virtually every type of noise control problem imaginable. Our broad base in engineering, testing, modeling, and constructing acoustical buildings benefits from these years of experience and has resulted in the acoustic philosophy we call sound science.

sound science is

  • the application of the latest in acoustic technology.

  • a fundamental and systematic approach to achieve an overall balanced design.

  • continuous product development since 1979 through research, design and testing.

  • the application of acoustic treatments during the planning, permitting, and design phases of industrial building projects to assure an economical solution.

sound science is

  • sensitivity to those working in or living near noise sensitive areas.

  • a precisely engineered solution guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating client.

  • using the highest quality, economical, commercially available construction materials; expertly applied to solve your noise control problems.

  • guaranteed performance.


sound science and Building Acoustics

United Steel Structures is an innovator and leader in noise control solutions and we have developed a broad base of noise control expertise through laboratory and field-tested treatments. Our state of the art analysis and testing has created more than 50 different types of acoustical assemblies. Our proprietary roof and wall systems are designed to control industrial noise sources including turbines, compressors, pumps and more. Combined with advanced engineering experience we engineer, build, and erect some of the foremost acoustic solutions in the world.

Our sound science and building acoustics are comprised of some of the following specifications:

Acoustical Solutions Library

Extensive library of more than 25 different proven acoustical solutions that have been laboratory and field verified in accordance with ASTM E90-99, and vary in range from STC 29 to STC 68

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Acoustic Media

Absorptive and non-absorptive walls and roof systems utilizing a combination of inert, non-combustible acoustic media.

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Acoustic Ventilation Systems

Tested and proven low frequency noise problem solving below 63Hz. Acoustic ventilation systems including low noise fans, silencers, acoustic louvers and dampers.

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Acoustic Panels & Doors

Acoustic doors, acoustic blow out panels, acoustic barrier walls and acoustic windows. Mass layered walls and roofs consisting of light to heavy septum barriers for the attenuation of low frequency noise for both load bearing and non-load bearing systems

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View this 3D animation and explore how USSI has developed an acoustical compressor building for most compressor station applications using the latest sound science technology.

For further information see our sound science and other related videos here

sound science


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