Case Study - Ogontz East and West Compressor Stations
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Case Study - Compressor Stations


The Ogontz East, and West Compressor Stations

The Ogontz East, and West Compressor Stations

The Ogontz East, and West Compressor Stations created in part, volumes on a system of approximately 210 MMcfd. Each station is approximately 12,000 HP consisting of three CAT 3516 engines with Aerial JGC4 compressors. The stations are located in Lycoming County, PA

Each site required noise mitigation to achieve the very stringent noise criteria at the property line in octave band frequency scale versus a single number dBA rating. Property line distances were 50 ft. from the buildings. Lycoming County has one most restrictive noise ordinances in north America making noise reduction difficult due to the low frequency (LF) attenuation requirements. USSI was responsible for the turn-key noise control solution. The noise control solution included an acoustically ventilated building with a maximum transmission loss performance that is equivalent to an STC 58 and enclosing the engine coolers to prevent breakout noise from the cooling fans.

USSI's Scope Of Work

USSI designed, supplied and installed all noise control and provided a performance guarantee. Acoustic mitigation and other scope included:

  • STC 58 Gas Compressor Buildings
  • Building Ventilation System using 7 ft. Silencers with Low Frequency Design
  • Cooler Enclosures with Low Frequency Silencing
  • STC 50 Equipment Doors
  • 5 Ton Overhead Cranes located in the Engine/Compressor Hall
  • Primary and Secondary Structural Building Steel Members
  • Erection

Acoustical Requirements

In accordance with the Lycoming permitting requirements, the noise guarantee was provided by USSI for all center octave bands from 31.5 Hz., to 8000 Hz. at the property fence line. The LF requirements in octave bands 31.5 to 125 Hz. is 64 dB.

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