Case Study - La Plata County Compressor Building
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Case Study - Compressor Building

La Plata County Compressor Building

This building expansion is an addition to an existing USSI building. The facility is part of a natural gas gathering system on a local Indian reservation. This low to high pressure compressor station is now capable of processing roughly 80 MMscf/day generating a peak 24,000 horsepower. The building encloses 5 compressor packages driven by Caterpillar G3616LE lean burn engines.USSI designed the ventilation system to maintain a 20 °F temperature differential while meeting the acoustical performance criteria. USSI’s proprietary 8N45 Acoustical Panel System was utilized to meet a stringent sound level specification of 55 dB(A) at a distance of 350 feet from the building.

The project was successfully delivered and completed in 2019.

USSI Scope of work & Project Highlights

  • 65’ wide by 60’ long by 30’ eave height addition to USSI building originally built in 2006
  • Column-mounted conduit and cable tray support system
  • Proprietary USSI 8N45 Acoustical Panel System roof and walls 
  • Sound attenuated ventilation system with acoustical silencers and lined hoods
  • Ventilation supply fans and roof exhaust hoods designed for 20 °F DT

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